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UW System employers that incorporate college savings into their employee financial wellness programs both differentiate their benefits package and encourage smart saving habits. Through free resources and tools, the Edvest at Work program provides these entities with step-by-step instructions on how to best introduce and implement this process.

Edvest can help your Financial Wellness Program
Edvest can help your Financial Wellness Program
Download or order free college savings brochures and information for your company intranet.
Request a college savings speaker from Edvest for employee events.
Invite Edvest to your health & safety or wellness fair.
Encourage employees to save consistently from a paycheck.
Saving with Payroll Direct Deposit

Encouraging your employees to save for college or technical college directly from their paychecks helps them consistently build college savings funds. Even modest savings increase the likelihood of a child attending and completing higher education. Here are the steps UW System employees will need to follow to establish payroll direct deposit.


Open your Edvest account at Edvest.com.


Follow the step-by-step instructions for completing the sections for account owner information, beneficiary information, and investment section. On the Funding Method page, select Payroll Direct Deposit and the amount you would like to contribute to your account from your paycheck each pay period.


Once you submit this information, you must print out the Payroll Form.

This form will be pre-filled with your name, your unique account number, the total payroll direct deposit amount, and the routing (ABA) number for the Plan’s bank. If you are funding more than one account by payroll direct deposit, the amount per pay period should be the sum of ALL your payroll contributions to your Edvest accounts.


Submit the Payroll Form to your human resources office. Your employer will update the payroll direct deposit amount in the payroll system and will automatically send your contributions to Edvest.

Be sure to inform your human resources office of any changes you wish to make to your direct deposit contributions.

Helpful Tools

UW System Employee Flyer

A one-page overview of the Edvest College Savings Plan and instructions for UW System employees to set up direct deposit of payroll.


UW System Employee Training Presentation

Edvest overview and direct deposit of payroll instructions for UW System employee training and orientation.


Web Banner

A web banner for use on your employee portal, internal website or as an accompanying visual to the Edvest email and blog post. Image directs employees to Edvest.com/benefit.


Edvest Enrollment Brochure

Edvest College Savings Plan brochure describing program features and benefits.


Blog Post / Newsletter Article

A customizable blog post and/or newsletter article introducing the Edvest College Savings Plan as an employee benefit.


Email Copy

A customizable email template introducing the Edvest College Savings Plan as an employee benefit.


Edvest Logo

Edvest logos in several file types for posting to your websites, social media and employee materials.


Edvest Can Talk To Your Employees


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