Edvest College Savings Plan

College savings that will be ready when they are.

Benefits of the Edvest College Savings Plan.

Savings Grow More Due to Tax Advantages

When you pay fewer taxes, you can earn more and grow your account faster – giving your child or grandchild an even bigger head start. And your, earnings, if any, are free from federal income tax when used for qualified higher education expenses. Learn more.

See the difference these tax advantages can make over time in the table below.

Benefits of Tax-Free Growth: Taxable = $46,788, Tax-Free = $54,958 over 18 years

This example assumes an initial investment of $5,000, monthly contributions of $100, and a 6% annual rate of return over 18 years. The taxable account assumes a 28% federal and 5% state tax rate. The illustration is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the performance of any specific portfolio.

Use at Schools Anywhere

Funds can be used at any accredited university, college or vocational school nationwide — and many abroad. Basically any institution with a student aid program qualifies. Learn more.

Easy and Convenient

With the Edvest College Savings Plan you can easily open an account in just 15 minutes and conveniently manage it online or by mail. By setting up automatic contributions from your bank account or by payroll deduction (if supported by your employer), making regular contributions is hassle free. Learn more.


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