Edvest 529 Unveils New
Brand and Website

Helpful tools, focused resources, and a fresh, new look support
Wisconsin families saving for education

published April 3, 2023

MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin’s 529 College Savings Program is excited to unveil a new brand identity for Edvest 529. The new look and enhanced online experience will make it easier for people to identify and connect with Edvest 529 when it comes to saving for higher education. Families can rest assured that this is the same great plan with a fresh, modern look and an enhanced, easy-to-use website experience.

The new brand identity continues to embody Edvest 529’s passion for helping families in Wisconsin save for higher education.

Edvest 529 still offers the same flexible savings plan and tax benefits for Wisconsin families. Existing account owners will see no changes to their accounts and do not need to take any action because of the updates.

Build their future with an Edvest 529 College Savings Account

“As we move into the next 25 years of saving, we want to communicate that Edvest 529 is a modern organization and that we are consistently moving forward,” said Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions Secretary-designee Cheryll Olson-Collins. “Wherever higher education may take a loved one, Edvest 529 is here to support Wisconsin families throughout the journey.”

Elements of Edvest 529’s brand refresh include:

  • New Logo: The new logo demonstrates two essential elements of an Edvest 529 account. “ED” stands out as an homage to education and why families save. And “VEST” tells the story of how to accomplish that goal – through an investment account dedicated solely to saving for education. The addition of “529” in the logo shows that Edvest 529 is a qualified tuition program, as identified by Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax code.
  • New Brand Colors: Edvest 529’s fresh combination of navy blue and teal creates a balance between professionalism and approachability, reliability and creativity, sophistication and friendliness.
  • New Tagline: “Your partner in saving for higher education” drives home that Edvest 529 is walking right beside Wisconsin families and supporting them in their savings goals, whether for college, university, technical schools, apprenticeships, K-12 tuition, or even student loan repayment.1
  • Updated Website & App: The improved website offers easier navigation to learn about investment options and benefits, quick access on answers to common savings questions, several tools to help Wisconsin families make decisions, and resources for Wisconsin financial professionals and employers. Additionally, users can open a new account through the Ready Save 529 app.

For more information about Edvest 529 and to open an account, visit Edvest.com, or follow us on Facebook.

About Edvest 529

For more than 25 years, Edvest 529 - Wisconsin’s direct-sold 529 college savings plan – has been helping families save for higher education expenses. Account owners can choose from 24 investment portfolios, access easy-to-use savings tools, and take advantage of in-state tax benefits for Wisconsin taxpayers.

Edvest 529 is a tax-advantaged investment, meaning contributions to an account may qualify for a 2023 Wisconsin state income tax deduction of up to $3,860 per beneficiary, per year. Limitations apply. The plan has no sales charges, enrollment fees, or annual account maintenance fees. In fact, Edvest 529 is the sixth lowest-cost 529 college savings plan in the nation!2



  1. To learn more about Wisconsin's Edvest 529 College Savings Plan, its investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses please see the Plan Description at Edvest.com. Read it carefully. Wisconsin taxpayers can qualify for a 2022 state tax deduction of up to $3,560 annually per beneficiary from contributions made into an Edvest 529 College Savings Plan (married couples filing separately and divorced parents may claim a maximum of $1,780). Wisconsin taxpayers can qualify for a 2023 state tax deduction up to $3,860 annually per beneficiary from contributions made into an Edvest 529 College Savings Plan (married couples filing separately and divorced parents may claim a maximum of $1,930). Investments in the plan are neither insured nor guaranteed and there is the risk of investment loss. Check with your home state to learn if it offers tax or other benefits such as financial aid, scholarship funds, or protection from creditors for investing in its own 529 plan. If the funds aren't used for qualified higher education expenses, a federal 10% penalty tax on earnings (as well as federal and state income taxes) may apply. Consult your legal or tax professional for tax advice. TIAA-CREF Individual & Institutional Services, LLC, Member FINRA, is the distributor and underwriter for the Edvest 529 College Savings Plan.
  2. 1Withdrawals for tuition expenses at a public, private or religious elementary, middle, or high school, registered apprenticeship programs, and student loans can be withdrawn free from federal and Wisconsin income tax. If you are not a Wisconsin taxpayer, these withdrawals may include recapture of tax deduction, state income tax as well as penalties. You should talk to a qualified professional about how tax provisions affect your circumstances. K-12 withdrawals are limited to $10,000 per year for K-12 tuition. Apprenticeship programs must be registered and certified with the Secretary of Labor under the National Apprenticeship Act. Student loan repayment subject to a lifetime limit of $10,000 per individual when using a 529 plan.
  3. 2ISS Market Intelligence 529 College Savings Fee Analysis 4Q 2022. Edvest’s average annual asset-based fees are 0.16% for all portfolios compared to 0.51% for all 529 plans.


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